Bella Shmruda


Get to know more about viral sensation Bella Shmurda: the young Nigerian voice of the streets for the voiceless.

How did you come up with the name ‘Bella Shmruda’?

"Shout to my friend: I got Bella Shmurda from Bobby Shmruda but my real name is actually Abiola and I’ve gone by many stage names in the past. So, he’s Bobby and I’m Bella and now me and Bobby are friends. That’s the simple story of Bella Shmruda"

How did it feel knowing your single ‘Cash App’ had gone global?

"I was feeling quite proud of myself and I’ll be honest, before that song came out it took me five months to release it, because my mind wasn’t really there at the time. I never thought it would ever get this big, because I had just released two other songs and I was already working on other things and it just got mad out of nowhere but shout out to my team for making this happen!"

What was your upbringing like before the music?

"I was born in Ekodu and went to private school. I am the last, born of 10 children. I started recording and singing during secondary school. Music has always been a part of me and I thank God that I am able to do what I can do and I am able to live my dream. I’m still moving and it’s a blessing."

What was it like coming to London and opening for Wizkid?

"It was an amazing opportunity for my career, we did have to go through some things but shout out to Wiz for the chance. It was one of my biggest performances to date, so I’m happy I’m doing good and I’m grateful for it."

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