Hailing from East London, Mychelle is a rising talent in the UK music scene after spearheading an acclaimed debut offering. Passionate about performing arts and sports, she's always been creatively inclined and used music as a form of expression.

You have been raising a buzz in recent years. Have you been recognised in public yet?

I went to Carnaby Street a while ago and one of the girls that work there was like: Oh, I remember your headline shows behind the bookshelf, and it was in like, 2019. And then that same week as well, a guy in Pret came up to me to say he likes my music. It takes a lot for someone to even come up to you to tell you that they know of you and like your music. So I really appreciate it!

In case you don’t know Mychelle is an incredible singer, a talented guitarist and a great live performer. When did you start making music?

When I was really young, I used to sing with my sisters a lot. There’s three of us, I’m the oldest. But it’s good because I got to be Beyonce. They had to accept that.. I was really young.I did start writing very early by myself, but we wrote music with my best friend Laveau in primary school as well. At one point I decided that I wanted to do music, as a career. I think when I went into college, I started going down that route and then decided to go on to uni to pursue it properly.

Your EP ‘Closure’ is such a heartfelt, warm and colourful project. You’re really expressing yourself. You’re really letting letting go of your experiences with someone and yourself as well. You go in and realising where you might have gone wrong, where they went wrong.  What was the thought process behind the EP and what was it like making the record?

I wrote the songs a few years before I started working on putting them out. Three of them were written around the same time. When I decided I wanted to do this project, they made sense to be together. They were written around the same time kind of relating to a similar theme. I was gonna put it out by myself, and I was just about to and then I met my manager, he saw me busking.So anyway, we started talking about like music and ended up working with him too putting the product together. It was a new experience for me. I’ve never even worked with a producer properly before(talking about Charlie Jay Perry). It was incredible to see how a song comes together from just my guitars and vocals and builds into something big and layered.

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