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ZVK is a 21 year old musician, record producer, rapper and songwriter from South London whose love of music has only grown since the age of 6 when he began learning to play the piano. That love of music continued as he started playing in his church band. The love of musicianship evolved and developed into production and eventually into artistry.
Despite being in the early stages of his career, he has released multiple projects. On the 18th August 2018, ZVK released his debut EP ‘GROUNDED’ to critical acclaim with guest appearances from his younger sister ‘Safart’ , ‘Hiroshi Thomas’ and childhood friend Jules Warner with the whole album’s production completed by ZVK. In October 2018, he released ‘Champion’ which features fellow London rapper ‘Tychie’ which has racked over 20,000 streams since its release. Towards the end of November 2019, ZVK released ‘Flowchild’, ‘Legacy’ and ‘Fatigue’, as singles from his first studio album entitled ‘Sabuni’ which holds a special significance to the London rapper as ‘Sabuni’ is his ancestral name, announcing it via an Instagram post. The album includes guest appearances from Tychie, Lou May, Jules Warner and Safart, with production coming from ZVK & talented producer, UNKLE. ZVK describes his sound as a versatile mixture of modern hip-hop, neo-soul and trap. He grew up listening to a lot of reggae, gospel, R&B and hip-hop. ZVK names Robert Glasper, A2, Knucks, J Dilla and Kendrick Lamar as his main musical influences.


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