Talking about our collective and what this means to me, The Seigfried Collective is everything I have, creatively speaking.

It is everything that motivates me in a year that is being so difficult to face, it is what makes me get up every day because this has always been mydream: to be able to create a platform where artists and creatives from all over the world can have a space where the music, art and culture of our generation have representation, be able to create a collective in which creatives can dedicate themselves full-time to what we like the most with the hope ofthat in the future it can become an international, profitable & sustainable media agency.
I came to England three years ago, with the dream and the ambition to be able to live off something I love, and not have to work in something that only helps me survive.

Despite the current world situation, with a stable, solid team in which everyone has the same level of importance regardless of the role they occupy, I still believe that my dream is possible to achieve and I won’t stop until I reach that goal, no matter how long it will take me.

Pedro Edu (Founder of Seigfried Co)

One of the many creatives in The Seigfried Collective. I design, photograph and overlook the visual department of the operation. A bit of and art nerd, golden age hip-hop connoisseur and a fried rice expert.
Seigfried is all about positive energy and unlimited outputs, whether its an album review or an important issue that we care about. A creative safe haven for artists and creatives, who believe in a world much bigger than ourselves.

Balint Marjai (Co Founder & Creative Director of Seigfried Co.)

"Seigfried for me is a collective of like-minded people who ideas come togther to create something beautiful, unique and organic . As a music lover and web designer, Seigfriend allows me to bring all my creative ideas into one space, and using that to help upcoming and independent artists"

Jed Blankson (Podcast Host and UX Designer)

As an avid music lover & sincere believer in the power of it, I genuinely feel that art is the antidote to a lot of stuff we see in the world today. It is fundamental for an artist from any field to feel secure about their expression & Seigfried achieves that by creating a positive space for artists & their beliefs. Seigfried represents & respects diversity, and as one of the many like-minded members in the Collective, I try to exemplify that with my writings.

Abishek Ramadasan (Writer)

Giving you you're daily dose of melancholic feels, a passionate creative and a music lover. I head the marketing aspect of Seigfried and am all about that self love. Seigfried for me is the feeling I get when I hear a new song that just gives me goosebumps, filled with love and good vibes our love for the art of music has bought all of us together to curate a platform for all the passionate, magical artists/musicians out there. So join us on our journey to escape to a blissful place and wonders.

Umama Zardari (Writer & Content Creator)

Almost as cathartic as the act of discovering music, comes the act of sharing it. Here at Seigfried we encompass every aspect of that process and the importance it holds for each of us. Combining our individual callings and walks of life, each a creative in our own unique sense of the word, we are beyond proud to be able to describe ourselves as a worldwide collective, sharing music and art across continents.

As a DJ and producer, I’m indefinitely finding inspiration among our Seigfried staff picks. As a presenter, I’m blessed to have the ability to share my latest musical discoveries live with an eagerly listening audience on Seigfried Radio. And as a writer, I’m free to profess my love for late night R&B to the rooftops.

So within the collective, handpicking art that calls out to us and highlighting standout artistry is what matters to us most. Injecting our own creative stylings, whether that be through image, through sound or through words, we consider ourselves an ever-rising voice of music and culture.

Henna Malik (Head of Media & Music Editor)