The Melody Exchange

A weekly selection of music and words by: Abhishek Ramadasan 

The Weather Station - Ignorance

Ignorance, as the name suggests feeds into the entrancing quality of conversational music. In ten tracks, she probes & connects an array of sentiments through subtle imageries...resolutely substantial.

Her latest album represents a sort of musical getaway, allowing Tamara Lindeman to immerse in arching strands of pensiveness & muse. The album enraptures the listener & drives them away on a deep expedition of the materiality & authenticity of the world. She uses her eccentric blend of lyrical dexterity & gorgeously laminated musical orchestration to stretch out a stream of constant surprise & miracles of the natural world. Tracks in the album flow into each other like a gentle stream swaying between electronic & acoustic, like a shimmering beam of light that illuminates & enhances the stream.

Tamara's ambitions are far more modest & accessible, but deep-rooted, quite successfully transporting you into a world of dashing arrangements & charismatic songwriting. In short, the album is a gem!

Still Corners - The Last Exit

Since 2007, Still Corners has been speaking to us. Sometimes gently, frequently enigmatic, at times provocative. Less than a minute into 'The Last Exit' through the string ensemble, dreamy backdrop & wilderness spirit, it creates a place in your mind - free of threads, lacking any direct elucidation, existing solely inexperience.

Tracks like 'The Mystery Road' have an impassioned vibe, lyrical illumination & significant spirit. The record sounds straight out of a Richard Linklater movie which has the potential to transport us back to surprises, delights & enchantments of a good road trip.

'Static' accompanies lean acoustics on one side & electronic guitar buzzing on the other while vocals continue with soothing effect soaked in reverb. Songs like these don't demand attention but rather just a company. Sitting by a sea-view cafe & watching the sunset, while the music binds together everything into an ethereal experience.

Sheherazaad - Khwabistaan

The growth & rise of the Indie scene with its bona fide material has been significant over the past couple of years. Sheherazaad's debut album establishes her as a captivating bearer of polished, offbeat indie music.

She is an enigmatic songwriter that has put out a graceful, compassionate record. Sauntering along lush green valleys, with the wind brushing your hair, your mind lost in fancied montages, she captures the essence of enduring an experience.

Tracks like 'Dil ki baat' & 'Bolne ke liye' presented me with a multicolored range of emotional tones, from nostalgic, to melancholic, to exploratory & introspective. The spaciousness in her music is what distinguishes her from just another mundane narrative.

The album is a lush aural experience, one which reminds you that there is no better way of finding yourself, than losing yourself completely